5 reasons why fashion is becoming genderless

Maybe that is a little far fetched. I could tell but the problem was I

Maybe that is a little far fetched. I could tell but the problem was I couldn’t say “This guy isn’t wearing a female outfit.” Because the question will be, what is a female outfit?

Men wore wigs, heels, skirts, makeup and hair extensions. Interestingly, women dressed in their usual manner albeit a little elaborate.

I wondered why fashion had become genderless and why some men now wear what is traditionally women’s clothing.

These are the reasons I came up with;

When we think of fashion, who do we think of? Female models strutting the runway. It just makes sense that being part of that world will create fluidity when it comes to fashion.

Of course, there is men’s fashion, but that is a relatively boring field.

When the United States have their Met Gala, fashion critics complain that men just wear boring suits. To add some flair, they tend to make their outfits more feminine.

There is nothing like male and female, it is all fluid. That is a really complex discussion that I do not have the range for but if you believe that gender is a social construct surely you wouldn’t believe that there is anything like women’s clothing.

Sometimes, it is just people trying to give us a shock factor. How do I enter the room and have heads turning and create conversational buzz? Then they think up the most outrageous combination and viola!

It can be argued that fashion is genderless because different cultures have different things they term as men’s or women’s wear.

In Warri Nigeria, a man heavily draped in a wrapper is as masculine as masculinity could be.

Arguably, women can wear almost everything men wear and still looks chic and fabulous.

Plus, genderless fashion is a thing. A designer makes clothes that both genders can wear.

The more fluid we say sexuality is, distinguishing it from heteronormative categories. The more we blur the line to what or who a man is and what he should be wearing.

Ultimately, fashion is personal to everyone’s expression of their identity.