Batsheva Just Tapped Instagram’s Coolest Kids Clothes Designer

Alissa Bertrand’s three daughters—twin sixth-graders Jada and Jayla, and third-grader Ella—could give supers like Bella

Alissa Bertrand’s three daughters—twin sixth-graders Jada and Jayla, and third-grader Ella—could give supers like Bella and Kendall a run for their money. By modeling their mother’s upcycled dresses on her Instagram, @Jabellafleur, the trio has become an Instagram sensation. Their signature styling is eclectic (pairing a tapestry-fabric suit with a floral bolo tie and a green cowboy hat, for instance), but in each of their mother’s photos they manage to convey that they are wearing the outfits in a photo, not the other way around. Given that the Atlanta-based Bertrand already favors vintage-inspired fabrics and designs, a partnership with Batsheva Hay on two children’s dresses for Hay’s eponymous label was a no-brainer. And of course, Jada, Jayla, and Ella were the perfect models.  

Alissa Bertrand
Alissa Bertrand

“A friend showed me Alissa’s Instagram a while back, and I connected instantly with the way she played with found fabrics and put them together on her girls in such a personal way,” Hay says. “We started a dialogue on Instagram and noticed that there was a similar sensibility, a love of florals and fabric mixing. I also have a little girl and have made some children’s dresses before, so we started to discuss doing something together.” Bound by a love of block printed floral fabrics, they designed the dress in two colorways through “phone calls, DMs, text messages,” according to Hay. This isn’t the first collection of girl’s dresses for Batsheva, but the idea was to develop the collection further and add more to the range, available exclusively on The swing-y knee-length dresses come in two floral prints: one blue and white, and one ’70s-esque dark yellow. Complete with a ruffled collar, the dresses are purely precious. 

That sweetness becomes cool thanks to Bertrand’s daughters’ playful modeling. In one shot, Jada and Jayla hold hands in the dresses, accessorized by a pink beanie, cowboy boots, a disco ball, and a lace parasol; In another, Ella wears a top hat and round sunglasses. Styling inspiration for all ages! “Working with my girls is literally the icing on the cake!” Bertrand says. “They make everything come to life and really know how to show up, especially when it comes to modeling and getting the look across with whichever story we’re trying to tell and portray! Most of the time I take their lead and act upon their direction.” As for what they think of the dresses? “The girls love the dresses and the whimsy within the silhouette,” Bertrand says. “Small dainty ruffles add to the little playful girls-ness they still evoke and the bright floral block prints are their favorite.”