Bonds shopper reveals huge baby clothes haul worth $279 she got for $50

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A savvy shopper has revealed the huge haul of Bonds baby clothing she scored for only $50 at her local Penrith outlet.

The chuffed woman shared a photo of her massive haul on popular Facebook group, Markdown Addicts Australia.

“$279 worth of Bonds baby clothing for $50! Bonds outlet,” she wrote in her post.

The woman confessed she had received 40 per cent off the already-reduced clothing, meaning she ended up saving more than 80 per cent on the Bonds items.

The savvy shopper revealed how she scored $279 worth of Bonds baby clothing for $50. Source: Facebook

For $50, the woman purchased four pullovers, two pairs of tracksuit pants, two wondersuits, a three-pack of boys’ trunks, a beanie set and a pack of socks.

According to the Bonds website, a Bonds kids’ pullover retails for $29.99, tracksuit pants cost $24.99, and wondersuits average $26.99.

Meanwhile, packs of kids’ Bonds socks cost an average of $13.99, while boys’ trunks three-packs retail at $15.99 and similar beanie sets average $24.99.

Hundreds of shoppers flocked to the comments to praise the woman on her expert bargain hunting skills and ask how much she paid for some of the items.

Front of Bonds Kids store with sale prices. Source: Bonds

Bonds shoppers share their own saving hacks in the comments. Source: Bonds

Savvy shoppers share their own saving hacks

“Great bargains mumma!” wrote one shopper.

“Love this sale at the Bonds outlet,” wrote another.

When asked how much the woman paid for the items, she revealed that she scored the beanie set, which came with matching socks and mittens, for $6 down from $15 and the wondersuits cost her $9 down from $26.

While other shoppers shared their own recent Bonds bargains, with one woman revealing she bought a tracksuit set for $6 at her local Bonds outlet.

Another wrote: “I went to Essendon when Victoria opened up two weeks ago [and] I got summer pjs for $9, rompers for $6, and trackie sets at $6 each.”

Front of Bonds outlet store alongside baby jumpsuit the woman purchased. Source: Bonds

The woman bought four pullovers, two pairs of tracksuit pants, two wondersuits, a three-pack of boys’ trunks, a beanie set and a socks pack for $50. Source: Bonds

Others confessed they wouldn’t even look at a Bonds store due to the massive savings they get from Bonds outlets.

“I won’t even look anymore at the regular Bonds store. The outlet is always my go-to. I’ve noticed that as well – they’ve had 40 per cent off a lot,” commented one shopper.

“I struggle to buy from the regular Bonds shops now because of the outlet sales,” agreed a second.

After several women asked when the sale ended, the woman shared a simple hack: call your local outlet ahead to make sure the sale is still on.

Coles customer reveals how she scored a huge $110 haul for $11

Meanwhile, a delighted Coles customer has revealed how she managed to score a massive 14-item grocery haul for only $11.

The WA customer shared her grocery-saving hack on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page last month, much to the delight of other savvy shoppers.

“Markdown Gods are looking after me – worth over $110 and I only paid $11!”” she wrote.

Alongside the post, the woman shared three photos of the discounted grocery haul, which included meat, bread, milk, and pizza.

Grocery items scored for $11. Source: Facebook

The delighted Coles customer revealed how she managed to score a massive 14-item grocery haul for only $11. Source: Facebook

The excited woman said the secret to scoring the massive haul was taking advantage of typical markdown times at her local Coles Subiaco store.

“I hung around for an hour for the final markdown and it paid off!” she wrote.

In the comments, she explained how the markdown times work for fellow shoppers.

“They are all different, but the store near me does it at 10am, vegetables are marked down in the morning but meat is mostly done after 6pm,” she explained.

“Often due to understaffing the markdown goes from 10-20 per cent off all the way to 90 per cent off on the use-by date,” she added.

She concluded her post by advising shoppers to always look for a markdown every time you are near a store to get your “markdown fix”.

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