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Pack your bags for a luxurious resort getaway in the heart of the historic Fort

Pack your bags for a luxurious resort getaway in the heart of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, where both the style and accommodations exude Western opulence.

To add to the elegance of “Western Noir,” we transported our entire C&I fashion operation to the Fort Worth Stockyards’ gleaming new Hotel Drover, the upscale lodging destination in the newly expanded Mule Alley District.

ON HER: Concho earrings ($510), maverickwesternwear.com. Betta Lee (Navajo) Royston turquoise ring ($400), spunkysteer.com. Kingman turquoise cluster ring ($510), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Legend Keeper leather jacket (contact for price), doubledranch.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Tall black boots ($349), sassypantzfw.com.

ON HIM: Rough N’ Ready cowboy hat ($565), resistol.com. Western pearl snap shirt ($110), maverickwesternwear.com. Russell Sam (Navajo) turquoise ring ($599), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Slim fit straight leg jeans ($79), wrangler.com. Crocodile belly boots ($852.50), fenoglioboot.com.

ON HIM: 10X steel felt cowboy hat ($339.95), besthatstore.com. Quail trim Western shirt ($72), krsaddleshop.com. Silver jacquard wild rag ($40), brocade vest ($125), and merlot wool frock coat ($350), frontierls.com. Dillon bootcut jeans ($99), kimesranch.com. Gavin boots ($895), lucchese.com.

ON HER: Rose Martin (Navajo) pearl necklace ($1,799), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Mother of pearl Navajo pearls ($2,400) and squash blossom necklace ($4,690), samsvillegallery.com. Lamb suede fringe poncho ($520), lakelandleatherworks.com. Copper rose bracelet ($45), austinaccent.com. Kippy’s Swarovski crystal clutch ($930), tworeddogs.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Black patent leather boots ($2,370), rocketbuster.com.

Night Sky hat (contact for price), stetson.com. Elouise Kee (Navajo) earrings ($299) and Navajo pearls ($4,500), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Toscana sheepskin coat ($1,295), overland.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Metallic leather clutch ($195), lakelandleatherworks.com. Navy crystal boots ($4,225), rocketbuster.com.

ON HIM: 30X Grand felt hat ($565), resistol.com. Four Sixes L Barn silk scarf ($89), shop6666ranch.com. Quail trim Western shirt ($72), krsaddleshop.com. Watson bootcut jeans ($99), kimesranch.com. Lucchese ostrich boots ($1,195), pintoranch.com. Leather duffel bag ($799), krsaddleshop.com.

ON HER: Virginia Tso (Navajo) earrings ($195), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. The Hattie squash blossom necklace ($3,999), callicosilver.com. Multi-stone Navajo pearl strands ($330 each), maverickwesternwear.com. Rust long sleeve top (C&I’s own). Saddle Mountain coat ($529), pendleton-usa.com. Green Croc crown belt ($425), stonefeatherroad.com. Mae skinny jeans ($59), wrangler.com. Laredo boots (contact for price), blackstarboots.com.

LEFT: Handmade white cowboy hat ($499), greeleyhatworks.com. Threestrand Navajo pearl necklace ($1,350), maverickwesternwear.com. Turquoise lariat necklace ($3,999), callicosilver.com. H Bar C fully embroidered Western shirt ($225), nathaliesantafe.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Silk fringe purse ($2,650), jillgarber.com. Crush vintage teal booties ($161), durangoboots.com.

RIGHT: Sleeping Beauty turquoise pendant necklace ($1,100) and turquoise cuff ($946) renatarubio.com. Western button-down shirt ($39), wrangler.com. Black deer hide vest ($1,750) and wrap skirt ($1,195), helgasdesign.com. Turquoise belt buckle (contact for price), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. High-top moccasins ($195), sanagustintradingcompany.com.

LEFT: Big Concho silk wild rag ($79), fringescarves.com. Old West sunglasses ($220), historiceyewearcompany.com. Navajo pearl earrings ($298), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Rhinestone fringe jacket (contact for price), doubledranch.com. Kingman turquoise ring ($466), lauraingallsdesigns.com. Jennifer bootcut jeans ($150), kimesranch.com. Cowhide boots ($300), fenoglioboot.com.

RIGHT: 200X felt fashion hat ($899.95), besthatstore.com. Royston turquoise necklace ($3,999), callicosilver.com. Scully cow-print blouse ($60), montanarusticaccents.com. Mae skinny jeans ($59), wrangler.com. Aria booties ($399), oldgringoboots.com. Hand-carved leather purse ($275), austinaccent.com.

ABOVE: Red wool coat ($250), schaeferoutfitter.com

BELOW: Wooly lined trucker jacket ($109.99), cinchjeans.com

LEFT: Raven felt hat ($329), greeleyhatworks.com. Don Lucas onyx cluster earrings ($735), sorrelsky.com. Three-strand Navajo pearls ($1,350), maverickwesternwear.com. Cactus Heart necklace ($425), ldpdoreenvillanuevajewelry.com. Embroidered black blouse ($225), nathaliesantafe.com. Red brocade jacket ($350), frontierls.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Zurich hair-on hide booties ($449), oldgringoboots.com. Black leather business tote ($400), mjleatherdesigns.com.

RIGHT: White Sands felt hat (contact for price), charlie1horsehats.com. South Hills turquoise waterfall earrings ($484), lauraingallsdesigns.com. Vintage turquoise squash blossom ($1,500), westerntradingpost.com. Cream tunic ($49.50), maverickwesternwear.com. Bison fur collar duster ($295), mtbisonfashionfurs.com. Jennifer bootcut jeans ($150), kimesranch.com. Crush vintage teal booties ($161), durangoboots.com.

LEFT: Virginia Tso (Navajo) earrings ($195), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Vintage Kingman turquoise squash blossom ($9,000), cimarronrivercompany.com. Blanket stitch wool poncho ($129.95), rhondastark.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Black suede moccasins ($105), sanagustintradingcompany.com.

RIGHT: Kingman turquoise fanned earrings ($999), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Sonoran Sunset necklace ($592), lauraingallsdesigns.com. Doug Magnus agate ring ($425), sorrelsky.com. Peyote Bird turquoise and leather cuff ($1,110), spunkysteer.com. Cream fringe sweater ($54.95), sassypantzfw.com. Lola flare jeans ($150), kimesranch.com. Starfire boots ($1,995), rocketbuster.com. Midnight copper handbag ($248), americanwest.cc.

Don Lucas onyx cluster earrings ($735), sorrelsky.com. Tsosie White (Navajo) white buffalo and onyx pendant necklace ($1,364), coloradojo.com. Aaron Toadlena (Navajo) onyx bracelet ($1,450), samsvillegallery.com. Isadora bustier and skirt set ($4,750), jillgarber.com. Black cowhide clutch ($139), americanwest.cc. Corded arrow boots ($650), dannahlane.com.

FROM LEFT: Tres Outlaws kangaroo and black alligator boots ($3,480), falconhead.com. Wimberly boots (contact for price), blackstarboots.com. Big Chief cowboy boots ($275), nuevorancho.com. Tall black embroidered boots (contact for price), justinboots.com. Tres Outlaws kangaroo and brown alligator boots ($3,480), falconhead.com. Black sequin inlay boots (contact for price), corralboots.com.

ON HIM: Rough N’ Ready cowboy hat ($565), resistol.com. Winchester shirt ($145), maverickwesternwear.com. Lone Pine trucker vest ($1,245), pintoranch.com. Oval turquoise ring ($229), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Ray Tracey (Navajo) Kingman turquoise bolo tie ($1,500), sorrelsky.com. Brown leather belt and buckle (C&I’s own). Dillon bootcut jeans ($99), kimesranch.com. The Dillon boots ($495), tecovas.com.

ON HER: Turquoise cluster earrings ($599), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Denim shirt dress ($49), wrangler.com. Tasha Polizzi blanket coat ($293), yayagurlz.com. Matthew Charley (Navajo) turquoise concho belt ($12,000), coloradojo.com. Old Gringo Mayra boots ($499), maverickwesternwear.com.

FROM LEFT: Harding travel kit ($94.50), pendleton-usa.com. Steer head hobo bag ($315), wildlacebeadwork.com. Midnight copper crossbody bag ($149), americanwest.cc. Cowgirl Fix handtooled handbag ($663), puredixie.com. Chestnut full-grain leather satchel ($395), wrtravelbags.com.

ON HIM: Rough N’ Ready cowboy hat ($565), resistol.com. Giraffe print silk wild rag ($79), fringescarves.com. Aztec sweater ($139.99), cinchjeans.com. Watson bootcut jeans ($99), kimesranch.com. The Prescott riding boots ($265), tecovas.com.

ON HER: Greeley Hat Works felt hat (contact for price), maverickwesternwear.com. Indian Art Oklahoma coral Kachina necklace and earrings set ($2,900), store.nationalcowboymuseum.org. Long sleeve top (C&I’s own). Stockard tapestry vest ($79.99), outbacktrading.com. Royston turquoise and leather cuff ($469), weatheredsouljewelry.com. Cowhide clutch ($176), maverickwesternwear.com. Slim fit jeans ($49), wrangler.com. Mayra boots ($499), oldgringoboots.com.

LEFT: Federico Jimenez cluster earrings ($599), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Jacquard silk wild rag ($29.95), austinaccent.com. Vintage turquoise squash blossom necklace ($1,500), westerntradingpost.com. Fivestone turquoise ring ($380) and cream tunic ($49.50), maverickwesternwear.com. Black satchel ($228), americanwest.cc. Scully black suede jacket ($270), montanarusticaccents.com. Mae skinny jeans ($59), wrangler.com. The Casey cowboy booties ($285), tecovas.com.

RIGHT: Zuni-made white buffalo earrings ($240), spunkysteer.com. Beaver Lodge jacket (contact for price), doubledranch.com. Faux leather leggings (C&I’s own). Old Gringo Mayra boots ($499), maverickwesternwear.com.

ABOVE: Ray Tracey (Navajo) Kingman turquoise bolo tie ($1,500), sorrelsky.com

BELOW: Triple R Western button-down shirt ($110), maverickswesternwear.com. Paisley silk wild rag ($54), cowboywildrags.com

Fashion Styling: Andrea Thorp
Product Styling: Lanelle Corbin
Hair & Makeup: Joanna Hathcock, Kim Dawson Agency
Models: Lily Griffin & Lynden Orr, Kim Dawson Agency; Jonathan Hippensteel, The Campbell Agency

Photography: Rylee J.

Shot on location at Hotel Drover

From our October 2021 issue

Fall Fashion: Western Noir