Fashion Forecast: 5 fall looks for 2021

The leaves are a-changing, which means so are the colors of clothing and the sleeve

The leaves are a-changing, which means so are the colors of clothing and the sleeve lengths of shirts. Layering, neutrals, gold, plaid, gingham, argyle and low-cut booties are bound to prevail as they do every autumn season, but the form in which the usual trends will be styled this year is bound to vary. 

The biggest question remains: will the boldness of bright colors that we adapted to and adored this summer remain? Only time will tell, fashionistas. Here are five fall fashion statements to look out for:

This newly initiated fall staple rose to popularity last fall, when girls abound began wearing argyle sweater vests overtop Oxford button downs, for a modern, sophisticated look. Paired with flare leggings, baggy boyfriend jeans and a pair of either Doc Martens or Air Force 1s, you have yourself a flirty and fun fit. Swap this suggestion for a pair of heels, slacks, slicked back bun and classy gold hoops, and the argyle sweater vest becomes the optimal interview/business casual fragment to create an estimable ensemble. 

For a more serious outing, grab a neutral colored sweater and white button down. As for a fun and more trendy pastime, pick up a bold colored argyle sweater and take an even larger risk by throwing it over a contrasting colored button down for a more visually stimulating style. 

Our sweater vest pick comes from Dolls Kill and is priced at $12.25. 

Patterned pants 

Let’s face it, we’re still not prepared to tuck away our daring and splashy wardrobe essentials that we embraced this summer. Luckily, there are several pieces other than dresses and skimpy sets to make us feel courageous — one of these items being patterned flare pants. This fall, we’ll all be experiencing a Harry Styles moment with these retro, funky, nostalgic, spirited trousers. 

These pants are best bought straight-legged or flared and paired with a color offbeat than the ones found in the pants, with either a jacket that matches the pants entirely or one that is completely peculiar compared to the pants and top. Mixing patterns and colors is currently widely accepted, so take advantage of this fall fashion freedom, while you can. 

Our patterned pants pick comes from H&M and is priced at $24.99

Blazer/jacket skirt set 

This look screams Cher from Clueless and academia aesthetic with a twist. Surely, everyone would benefit from adopting the style this season. The many directions you can take with a blazer/jacket — or even sweater — skirt set, is endless. 

One could easily purchase a set like the one below: colorful, gingham and ultimately loud, to make a statement for meeting the parents of your new significant other, taking a trip to a modish city or attending a holiday work party this fall. 

Fashion lovers are also able to keep the style more tame by sporting a neutral plaid set, which is still more than fitting for autumn mornings at a local coffee shop and nights out to dinner with friends, family and a significant other. 

To elevate this look, a pair of knee-high boots will without a doubt complete the fit and have onlookers wishing they had these pieces in their wardrobe. Feel free to play it safe by throwing on some chunky sneakers, too. 

Our blazer/jacket skirt set comes from boohoo and is priced at $22.40. 

Quarter button ups 

Mostly associated with being worn by men, baggy, quarter button ups are the new hoodies of the colder months. They can easily be layered, fit cozy like a blanket and appear quite swank. It’s the ideal streetwear of the season, as it looks good paired with just about any kind of bottom and one’s favorite pair of sneakers. A beanie can serve as the icing on the cake for this mellow, grunge-like look. 

Our quarter button up pick comes from ASOS and is priced at $29.

Graphic jackets

Who would’ve thought looking like a NASCAR driver would one day be all the rage? I know I sure didn’t, but it’s the truth, and I’m honestly here for it. 

These jackets will undoubtedly keep one warm during the colder months, while also allowing them to appear incredibly trendy. The jackets come in a variety of styles, colors, logos and graphics, meaning one could buy many, without one looking the same as another. Pair these jackets with joggers, leggings, baggy jeans and a cool pair of platform shoes or Nike Air Jordans to embrace full-on streetwear vibes. 

Layer with some chunky gold jewelry and a cool pair of shades and you’re set. 

Our graphic jacket pick comes from Emmiol and is priced at $36. 


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