Fiesta Mall in Mesa has sat empty since 2020. What’s coming next?

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The shuttered Fiesta Mall, once a Mesa institution and East Valley shopping destination, may be inching toward redevelopment.

The mall’s fractured ownership has slowed plans for redevelopment. In 2017, when developers floated plans to transform the mall into a health and education campus, it had five owners. Once Dillard’s Clearance Center closed in early 2020, the mall was finally completely empty and down to two owners.

Since the mall officially emptied out nearly two years ago, progress has been slow going and the property’s owners have been tight-lipped about its future.

Mesa City Councilmember Francisco Heredia said the property’s two owners are working on a deal to consolidate ownership. From there, Heredia said, crafting a redevelopment master plan for the site would be an ideal next step.