FLOTUS’ fatal fashion faux pas

CHERISS MAY PHOTOColumnist Calla Jones Corner has a lot of concerns about first lady Jill

Columnist Calla Jones Corner has a lot of concerns about first lady Jill Biden.

Calla Jones Corner

I’ve been keeping track of Jill Biden’s fashion faux pas ever since she appeared on the White House lawn, scattered with cardboard pink hearts, on Valentine’s Day morning, in a long pink bathrobe (was it a coat?) and UGH-ish black boots. Her hair looked like she had just gotten out of bed. 

Full disclosure: I was a big fashion fan of Melania Trump’s fashion choice for her husband’s inauguration when our first lady held the Bible on which her husband pledged to serve a country fed up with politicians. Dressed from head to toe in baby blue (she could have worn Reagan red), her hair up in a chignon, she was perfection. 

By contrast, on this past Inauguration day, the new FLOTUS — hair again out of control — chose gotcha blues of many colors while she held the Biden Bible, and the new POTUS lied, in promising to defend, unite and  “bring back better” a country that was doing very well until COVID-19 struck. 

Since January, magazines have been falling over themselves to put Jill Biden on their covers (as they did for Michelle, but not for Melania) and divulge why she and others think she’s Joe’s better half  à la Rosalynn Carter.

In April, black lace stockings with a leather mini skirt were worn by Barbie Biden to make the 70-year-old grandmother appeal to the younger generation that thinks AOC’s fashion choice at the Met gala opening, just weeks ago, was awesome. 

In June, a jacket with LOVE stitched on the back reminded me of February’s Valentine’s Day faux pas. Was it supposed to remind the world that “love makes the world go ‘round” instead of compassion, common sense and competence? Unless you just got off Air Force One, where you posed at Joe’s desk leafing through Joe’s files, to let the G7, NATO  know that you have their backs if POTUS garbles messages or nods off during the summit. Which he did.

In early September I hadn’t seen Jill for weeks and was wondering if FLOTUS was also on vacation, floating in Camp David’s pool in a polka dot bikini? Or in frayed jeans, as she realized that her husband had made another historic faux pas — this time in Afghanistan. A faux pas of such magnitude that she couldn’t afford to think about what she should wear, other than get -to work- clothes to do the job of First Lady.

Maybe FLOTUS should have gotten out the LOVE jacket, announcing if POTUS didn’t have compassion or competence, she did. With this latest disaster from the White House maybe FLOTUS should be wearing a jacket with “Let Them Eat Cake” as Afghan women and girls once again become serfs.   

As America’s First Teacher, FLOTUS succeeded in getting the powerful teachers’ unions into the Oval Office, depriving most American children of education and socializing for more than a year. Shouldn’t she be taking some responsibility, along with Joe, for sending Afghanistan’s women and girls back to the Middle Ages under Sharia law and into burkas? Had she considered pillow talk to change Joe’s demented mind?

Maybe FLOTUS should have donned the stifling polyester, black burka to experience what Afghan women and girls are now required to wear again after 20 years. If the burka isn’t the most fatal fashion faux pas of all time, I don’t know what is.

Unless, Jill, you make your daily uniform the black suit you wore as 13 young men and women arrived back in coffins at Dover Air Base while you pretended to care and Joe looked at his watch. 

You, FLOTUS, have a fatal flaw, and it has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with arrogance and ambition, just like POTUS.  I’m wondering what Flotus will choose to wear on Halloween? 

Maybe she and POTUS should go as the Emperor and Empress Without Clothes. 

FLOTUS’ fatal fashion faux pas