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We’re not really sure how Montana cattle ranchers dress—or if they do in fact go by “cowboy,” and if so, who gets to be a “cowboy,” and who’s just a rancher—but if these folks dress like Yellowstone’s Dutton family, well then, hell, we want to put on some of those layers, too.

Filmed at an actual Montana ranch, Yellowstone features several looks for its characters. You got the bunkhouse, a group of roaming cowboys who like layered plaid, not throwing their hats, and occasionally burning letters into their chests. You’ve got Rip, favoriting all black everything: jacket, pants, boots, and—when it comes to children—heart. And then you’ve got the Duttons. Family patriarch John Dutton sports the iconic soft-shell zip-up vest. Ivy league son Jamie combines preppy with western for something you might find wandering Connecticut during the autumn. And much cooler son Kayce wears the classic cowboy beige denim.

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Some of these outfits you can get on Amazon—complete with the Yellowstone Ranch “Y.” Other outfits you’ll want to mix and match. The name of the game is functionality, folks. These are Montana seasons we’re talking about; this is not your Canada Goose fashion-first item for urban winters. So layer up.

Here’s how to get those jackets and sweaters worn on the show, as well as lots of other new Yellowstone merchandise, too.

Dress Like a Dutton


Take your pick: John, Kayce, and Jamie all have distinct looks. Even if you hate Jamie with the passion of Beth four shots in, you have to admit, sartorially, he ain’t that bad. Still, hard to resist John’s vest.

Dress Like Rip

yellowstone shop


The cowboy in black is a classic trope. Nothing signals interior conflict and a troubled past like a dark hat and jacket.

Dress Like the Bunkhouse

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We like Walker’s look best, but for something more classic, go with Lloyd. The mustache completes it.

Get Yellowstone Season 4 Merchandise

With season 4 heating up, get some gear for your watch party—a koozie for your beer and a glass for your whiskey.

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