Haute Pursuit, Luxury Shopping Assistant that Finds Best Deals, Extends to Mobile

Looking for a great deal? Haute Pursuit, a web browser extension that enables consumers to

Looking for a great deal?

Haute Pursuit, a web browser extension that enables consumers to find the best prices while shopping, has expanded into mobile.

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The free app identifies when a user is shopping and searches its database of online retailers around the world for discounts up to 80 percent. The extension is the first mobile shopping assistant that doesn’t rely on discount codes or cash back, which both offer limited savings. The extension is available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The Haute Pursuit browser extension eliminates the need to jump between apps and browser windows in order to find the best price. After downloading the extension, users will automatically have the best deal delivered right on their screen, as they shop.

“I have spent over a decade shopping online sales and sharing deals,” said Hayley Corwick, cofounder of Haute Pursuit, and the creator of the shopping blog, Madison Avenue Spy. “Haute Pursuit arms shoppers with the tools to feel confident about their purchases and the ability to harness this technology for mobile puts the power in the consumer’s hands.”

The web and mobile browser extension is integrated with more than 50 online retailers such as Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, MyTheresa, Harrods and Net-a-porter. It has relationships with over 30,000 online retailers who offer their merchandise at substantial discounts.

Haute Pursuit will recommend products when the user is on one of the 50-plus sites, and cross reference against the 30,000 retailers to find that product when you are on one of those sites.

“We have saved a substantial amount of money for thousands of beta users,” said James LaPorte, cofounder of Haute Pursuit. “Our number-one request was to expand to mobile, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver Haute Pursuit to all iOS 15 devices at launch.” LaPorte previously worked at Digitas and Young & Rubicam, and has his own agency, Woven TGA, where he splits his time.

Corwick said they launched Haute Pursuit earlier this year for desktop and started mobile Sept. 20.

“Obviously the trend has been more and more mobile shopping, and we knew that Apple was making plans to get into mobile,” said LaPorte. He said it’s a browsing extension like Honey, but as you shop, the deals will pop up. “If you’re at Saks [website] looking at a Bottega Veneta Cassette bag, and you can find it for Bergdorf’s for cheaper, the item will pop up,” he said.

“Unlike Honey, which will give you a coupon code to apply toward your purchase, this is hard markdown,” added Corwick. She said if the Bottega Cassette bag is available cheaper in Italy, you’ll get a notification where it’s on sale. “As season’s markdowns happen, merchandise ends up getting much more discounted than the 15-20 percent you get from the coupon code. We can really scour savings up to 70-80 percent off items,” said Corwick.

She also noted that the difference between Rakuten and Haute Pursuit is, “If you wanted to price compare on Rakuten, you need to open the Rakuten app or go to their web site and do a search. Haute Pursuit sends you the price comparison while you’re shopping. Once Haute Pursuit is downloaded, the shopper doesn’t need to do additional actions. The deals come to them,” she said.

She said Haute Pursuit tracks sales going on all over the world. They will only show a product if there’s a sale.

Asked how they get the luxury stores to participate, LaPorte, said, “It’s a typical affiliate deal. Especially for old merchandise, they want to move that old merchandise [to make room for the next season.] We get a commission on each sale, and they’re happy to move merchandise.”

“Our intention is to become business intelligence for retailers to be able to help them buy better, track prices and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

Corwick said Chanel is not online at all so they’re not involved, and Hermès is only sold at Hermès, so that’s completely out of the question, but “Fendi is a lot less expensive in Europe. There are lot of brands you’ll find on sale and marked down outside the U.S., and the markdown schedule is much different than here. There’s ability to take advantage of things like that,” she said. As far as duties, she said the user is buying directly from the retailer, and in a lot of countries, merchandise under $800 is tax-free. Most stores include duties in their prices. She said she works with authorized boutiques around the world, and there’s no gray market merchandise.

She also noted, for example, that the Friends and Family sale at Saks “was a big winner among retailers this past week.”

Essentially all the retailers send in what their prices are, Haute Pursuit accesses those feeds, and they search across those feeds when a user is shopping. “When a user is on Saks, we know when they’re on a product page….Haute Pursuit does a search based on that product, and they spit back ‘here’s what we think will be relevant to you,’” said LaPorte. Sometimes, it’s the exact same item, or in some cases, similar items.

Future moves are to sign up more wholesalers, get the word out about the extension, and get more users to download the app. So far, Haute Pursuit has signed up just under 10,000 people.

“This type of affiliate shopping discovery, we’re definitely not the first to do it, there’s ShopStyle, there’s Lyst. [But] you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to go to another site. Our big bet is that we’re going to get retailers all this data that they’re going to love and will help them buy,” said LaPorte.

Asked if stores are upset that you might be taking a consumer away from their site with a better deal and they’re losing sales, LaPorte said, “Or they’re gaining sales.”


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