I’m an interior designer, here are three tacky trends which are on the rise but you need to avoid at all costs

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IF you are planning to spruce up your interiors soon then interior designers have warned you should avoid these three trends.

Whether you want to add a few new accessories or renovate an entire room – these trends could make your home look tacky.


All white interiors are too harsh says the interior designerCredit: Getty

All White

It may work for Kim Kardashian but according to experts, the white interior trend is out.

Once popular for its clean and sophisticated style, it’s now being replaced with warmer neutral tones that feel more homely.

Interior designer, Nina Takesh, explained to Insider: “Instead, we’re seeing people drawn much more to soft, warmer neutral color palettes and cozier pieces.

“I think a lot of this is due to how our world has changed as a reaction to the pandemic.

“That cold, white, hyper-modernism aesthetic can feel somewhat clinical or sterile in a way, whereas softer neutrals feel much more inviting and rejuvenating for our interior spaces.”

Bohemian trends are becoming increasingly popular, use soft pastel colours to add warmth and natural furnishings like untreated wood to create a cosy vibe.

Open-plan living rooms are no longer in style


Open-plan living rooms are no longer in styleCredit: Getty

Open-plan living rooms

Having an open-plan downstairs area was once the pinnacle of renovating a home.

Everyone wanted an open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining area to make the area more spacious.

But since many people have been working from home since the pandemic, people are now actively looking to close off areas of their homes.

Katelynn Ostruszka, owner and principal designer of Katelynn Scott – Decorating Den Interiors explains open-plan living now lacks functionality and is seen as an unproductive use of space.

So if you were thinking of forking out thousands of pounds renovating your downstairs, then think again as people much prefer closed-off rooms so each one has a different function.

Minimalism often mutes your own personal style - which will be huge for 2022


Minimalism often mutes your own personal style – which will be huge for 2022Credit: Getty


After years of everyone perfecting the minimalist look – it seems it’s now being faded out.

People are much happier experimenting with their own interior design style and want it to be a reflection of their personalities.

Which minimalism often mutes.

Interior designer Doniphan Moore said: “Minimalism, which was once a design craze, is fading.”

Instead, try mixing different design trends together to create a more unique and interesting style for your home.

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