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You’re guaranteed to find one-of-a-kind styles at Magic City Fashion Week. Photo via Roger Stephenson for MCFW

When you think of Birmingham, fashion probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but someone is working to change that. Check out our conversation with Magic City Fashion Week’s founder Daniel Grier who’s showcasing the unique style Birmingham has to offer.

The history of Magic City Fashion Week

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Viola Ratcliff of Bib & Tucker announced a partnership with Magic City Fashion Week. Photo via Roger Stephenson for MCFW

Birmingham native Daniel Grier began his own fashion journey here in the Magic City with his streetwear brand Splashed by DKG. In addition to his own brand, Grier has worked in fashion shows across the country. While Birmingham had a Fashion Week in the past, it lacked a real representation of what the fashion community looks like and eventually stopped. Grier saw this opportunity to start a new fashion week tradition in a new and more inclusive way and ran with it.

“You all have this professional fashion week and it’s only for people who’ve been to school and they have to have this pretty life story put togther and that’s just not most of us. Most of us have had to grind and put together these brands from the resources we had.”

Daniel Grier, Magic City Fashion Week Founder

Immediately, he began contacting Macy’s, Belk and other connections he had in the Birmingham fashion community. For MCFW Season I, he partnered with Alabama AIDS Outreach where was working at the time. By partnering with these anchor organizations, MCFW was able to come to life.

In Season I, members of Beyonce’s style team, Ty Hunter and Raquell Smith supported MCFW by hosting the emerging designer competition and promoting the event. During Season II, Project Runway Allstar winner Mondo Guerra played an instrumental role in promoting MCFW. For Season III, Grier reintroduced previous year’s winners Kenya B. (Season I), Calechie (Season II) and himself highlighting those instrumental to MCFW’s success. Kenya B. left her corporate job after winning and is now one of Alabama’s top prom dressers. Season II winner Calechie has dressed every It-Girl from Ari Fletcher to Cardi B and his brand continues to gain nationwide popularity.

Get ready for Season IV

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Daniel Grier has partnered with Lacey Woodruff to manage Magic City Fashion Week Season IV. Photo via Roger Stephenson for MCFW

Season IV of Magic City Fashion Week arrives on March 31st, 2022 and runs through April 3rd, 2022. This season Grier has partnered with local leader Lacey Woodward for this iconic event. With a budget bigger than ever, expect a mind-blowing event. This season Grier has partnered with more designers and local fashion and business leaders allowing the event to spread wider. When Grier originally began plans for MCFW in 2017, he dreamed of hosting events at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Now due to new support, that dream is becoming reality. We can’t wait to see who wins the Emerging Designer competition.


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Splashed by DKG designs are amazing. Photo via Roger Stephenson for MCFW

If you’re a creative, Magic City Fashion is the perfect time to boost your resume. Applications for designers, models, photographers, videographers, bloggers and influencers will open soon on the MCFW website. Get those resumes, portfolios and comp cards ready!

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Magic City Fashion Week Season IV is coming Mar. 31-Apr. 3, 2022