New business in the mall: Lash Out Lounge

AMSTERDAM — A beauty spa specializing in eyelashes in the Riverfront Center is one of the newest

AMSTERDAM — A beauty spa specializing in eyelashes in the Riverfront Center is one of the newest businesses to open in Amsterdam since the onset of the pandemic.

Lash Out Lounge is two months in under the ownership of Gabrielle Gomez, an esthetician who worked at the famed Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown. 

The 27-year-old began her entrepreneurial endeavor after working in numerous spas as an esthetician. Before opening her own business, Gomez spent two years in Cooperstown before charting her own path.  Her new solo operation offers luxury facials, eyebrow treatments, and eyelash extensions.

Gomez also offers holiday specials and themed treatments, the first of which began over the weekend. 

“I have just introduced a pumpkin facial that has received very positive feedback. I love being creative and creating unique treatments for my clients,” said Gomez. 

“Once I entered the esthetician world, I knew I eventually wanted to open my own business. Working in various spas allowed me to obtain the knowledge I needed to build and operate a spa on my own,” she said. 

Gomez attended Albany’s Austin School of Spa Technology, where she developed the skills to become a licensed esthetician. After an eight-month program, Gomez took the state board esthetician exam and was awarded an esthetician certification in 2016. 

“I originally wanted to attend university to become a nurse. I had an interest in beauty and skincare so I decided to pursue an esthetic program to alleviate my curiosity. The program was extremely enjoyable and I fell in love. There was a great deal of hands-on experience that truly built up my confidence. It was an altogether great decision,” Gomez said enthusiastically.

Gomez performs all of Lash Out Lounge’s services by herself, she has no employees.

“Eventually, I would like to add a massage therapist to fill the extra room. I learned all my skincare techniques from school. I took an extra course in eyelash extension and was just certified in teeth whitening, so that service is coming soon. I am a one-woman show,” Gomez laughed.

Though the name of her business is Lash Out Lounge, Gomez emphasized that her spa provides many more services than only those pertaining to eyelashes. Gomez offers premium facials that cost $60 and are approximately an hour long. Gomez’ facial service includes exfoliation, a double cleanse, serums, spf treatment, moisturizing, and face masks. Customers who buy this service can also expect a facial, hands, arm, neck, and shoulder massage. Lash Out Lounge also uses extensive facial technology to ensure high-quality procedures.

“It’s important to me that every customer is evaluated individually. I personally speak with them about what treatment their skin needs personally, whether it be an anti-aging or acne targeted procedure. All my products are curated from professional industrial retailers. This means that customers are unable to purchase these products at their local retailer or other beauty supply stores,” said Gomez

In regards to lashes, Gomez offers a variety of services. In addition to eyebrow threading and waxing, Gomez specializes in eyebrow extensions. Gomez’s eyelash extensions vary in length, size, and darkness. Customers can expect their full lash treatment to last for approximately three weeks before requiring a refill. 

“Extensions range from classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume. Classic is the most natural look with one extension to one lash ratio. It’s a very good light mascara look with a little length and curl. Hybrid extensions are more full but still on the natural side. Volume extensions are dense and dark, and mega presents the highest density,” said Gomez.

Now living in Rensselaer, Gomez commutes nearly 40 minutes to her business in Amsterdam. Gomez rents her space within the Riverfront mall and was able to renovate it with her dad’s help. In a mere two days, the pair painted and refloored the entire storefront. 

“The Riverfront Center is a great starter location for a business. The mall used to be a very popular location some time ago, and I hope to bring some of that activity back. I saw there were very few individuals engaged in a similar business here in the Amsterdam region. Noticing this, I wished to develop a business here as it would bring something fresh to the area. I am very fortunate that business has been good, and that I was quickly able to gain clientele,” said Gomez.

Lash Out Lounge operated every day except Thursday and Sunday. Gomez works on an appointment based schedule, catering to the availability of her clients. Prices range from $10 to $200 depending on the treatment.

The Lash Out Lounge spa can be found on Facebook and Instagram under the same name. Clients may book appointments by directly messaging Gomez through these platforms, or by visiting the businesses’ website. 

“I am eager to see where this takes me. I just want to bring confidence back to people and help them feel good in their own skin,” said Gomez. 

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New business in the mall: Lash Out Lounge