New video shows shooting at Aventura Mall in May 2021

It started with several young men jawing at a man carrying shopping bags, inside the

It started with several young men jawing at a man carrying shopping bags, inside the Aventura Mall near the entrance to Nordstrom. Around them, shoppers chat over coffee at a series of tables. A young child skips joyfully to his family and sits down.

The man, wearing a black sweatsuit with distinct white lines on the side, tries to walk away. A man wearing an orangeish hooded sweatshirt is seen holding an infant in his arms. He hands the child off to someone else and follows the man in black, grabbing him by the arm.

Suddenly, the man in the track suit whips around, a pistol in his hand and opens fire. The man in the hoodie is wounded but runs off. Terrified shoppers scatter, some hiding underneath tables. A man in salmon-colored shorts, standing by a nearby column, whips out his own pistol and also opens fire before running off.

That’s the scene depicted in video of May’s Aventura Mall shooting, released Wednesday by the State Attorney’s Office as part of one of the ongoing criminal cases. The footage was released one day after Aventura police announced the arrest of Norman Pickens III, the man in black, who was charged with three counts of attempted murder.

In all, three people were wounded in the May 8 shooting that sparked brief fears of an active shooter at one of South Florida’s most popular malls. Pickens, who is seen picking up his shopping bags before running off, was the second man arrested in connection with the shooting.

It happened in a first-floor indoor area next to the entrance of Nordstrom, the Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera and Hugo Boss stores and Sur La Table, an upscale cookware store.

Two days after gunfire broke out in crowded Aventura Mall and three people were injured, no arrests have been made and police have yet to release any new information. Al Diaz [email protected]

In the frantic moments after the shooting, police detained one of Pickens’ associates, who identified Pickens as the shooter seen dressed in an all-black sweat suit, according to an arrest warrant released on Tuesday.

Another man with Pickens was identified as Chrisey Pressley, 19, who was charged in June with carrying a weapon during the altercation, but not with the shooting itself. Pressley, after his arrest in June, also identified Pickens from still photos of the surveillance footage of the shooting, according to the warrant.

Pressley said Norman opened fire after he “started arguing with people he did not know,” the warrant said. Another associate said that Norman “has had disagreements” with the rival group and each “have different gang affiliations in the Opa-locka area.”

The video was released Wednesday as part of the ongoing criminal case against Pressley, who has pleaded not guilty.

The identity of the gunman in the salmon-colored shorts — and what, if any, connection he had to the beef — is not publicly known.

David Ovalle covers crime and courts in Miami. A native of San Diego, he graduated from the University of Southern California and joined the Herald in 2002 as a sports reporter.