Original Countach Designer Doesn’t Want to Be Associated With the Remake

In response to this statement, Lamborghini says—and Gandini confirms—that it told the designer a full-size

In response to this statement, Lamborghini says—and Gandini confirms—that it told the designer a full-size concept would be headed to Pebble Beach in August of 2021, several weeks after the interview was conducted. In a statement to The Drive, the Italian automaker said, “As it emerges from the video-interview, the Company informed Marcello Gandini about the presentation of the new Countach LPI 800-4 in Pebble Beach 2021. A scale model and sketches of the new car were shown to him.” Beyond that, though, the company does not comment on the way the video interview was allegedly used to promote the new vehicle. Instead, it states it was simply trying to remake a classic Lamborghini for the modern age. 

“With reference to the press release issued on 22 October 2021 by Marcello Gandini, Lamborghini intends to point out that the project of the new Countach LPI 800-4 derives from the Company’s will to pay homage to one of the most iconic cars in Lamborghini’s history,” the statement reads. “The model derives from the knowledgeable work of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile and R&D Department, and it represents a modern reinterpretation of one of its iconic cars consistently with the Design DNA that characterizes old and new Lamborghinis.”

The automaker confirmed Gandini had nothing to do with the vehicle’s development, stating it has “never attributed any role to Marcello Gandini in the realization of the Countach LPI 800-4.” In fact, it makes no comment on Gandini’s perspective, reiterating that the video interview was meant to simply be a “comparison between the old model and the new one.”

Regardless of the back-and-forth, the new Countach does have a series of impressive specs drawn from the Sián, although they’ve been sort of buried by talks surrounding its design. The car features a supercapacitor hybrid drivetrain with its 6.5-liter V12 producing 769 horsepower on its own accord. A 48-volt electric motor mounted to the car’s transmission adds 34 hp for good measure. Said supercapacitors are useful in automotive applications because they can be charged and discharged extremely quickly. 

The 3,516-pound supercar has a carbon fiber body and, as indicated by the “4” in its name, power is sent to all four wheels via a seven-speed, single-clutch automatic. Gandini-approved or not, 112 examples of the reimagined classic Lamborghini will be sold worldwide. All of them are already spoken for.

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