People jump-starting holiday shopping early because of supply shortages

REDDING, Calif. – Kent Pfimmer, the owner of Kent’s Meat and Grocery, is seeing customers

REDDING, Calif. – Kent Pfimmer, the owner of Kent’s Meat and Grocery, is seeing customers coming in to get their holiday food shopping done early.

“They’ve heard about shortages so they’re definitely shopping earlier,” said Pfimmer.

Patty Bellinger, one of Pfrimmer’s customers, is not waiting to check off her Thanksgiving shopping list.

“It was hard to find the turkey and I found it,” said Bellinger. “All of the baking stuff was almost gone and so I grabbed it all early.”

Pfrimmer said the store is experiencing a shortage of some items, including the most traditional part of the Thanksgiving meal.

“We’re having some problems with turkeys, like fresh turkeys. Frozen turkeys we’re fine but our fresh turkeys we’re running into some shortages,” said Pfimmer.

“People that work for these turkey growers are having trouble with labor and people working. They just can’t keep up with the demand.”

Pfrimmer said his shop already sold more than 400 fresh and frozen turkeys

Meanwhile, holiday shopping has already begun and this year, people are ready to shop and spend in person.

“I’m looking forward to shopping the new stores that are in town,” said Diane Friebel. “You got to do holiday shopping regardless of what’s happening. It’s nice to get out and check out what’s available.”

Friebel started her holiday shopping on Thursday, picking up a few things at Gather Downtown. Last year she said holiday shopping wasn’t the same.

“We ended up traveling last year, so we didn’t buy a lot,” said Friebel. “We ended up buying it online and shipping it.”

Pricilla Aragon, one of the vendors at Gather Downtown, said her boutique is seeing an increase in business.

“I think there’s a push to make sure you get the gifts you need in time,” said Aragon, the owner of Prissy’s Boutiques. “I’m seeing a lot more of shopping for others in mind.”

“Overall, we’ve seen that our sales tax revenues in this community have exceeded expectations,” said Jake Mangas, the president and CEO of the Redding Chamber of Commerce.

“That’s a really good sign to see here at the chambers.”

The National Retail Federation projects that about 158 million people will be shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend, that’s two million up compared to last year.