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Walking away from a difficult relationship can be hard. In her new single, Pittsfield-native R&B

Walking away from a difficult relationship can be hard.

In her new single, Pittsfield-native R&B singer Raiche dives into handling insincere apologies from your significant other, knowing your self-worth and finding the strength to move on. Raiche is a force to be reckoned with, in more ways than one. 

Raiche Wright, now living in Atlanta, released her new single on Friday. In the music video for “Burn Your Clothes,” Raiche stars as a traditional housewife waiting for her significant other to come home. They argue and make up in an endless cycle, until Raiche decides enough is enough, and takes matters into her own hands. “I don’t do nothin ‘til you show up. Then you apologize. And I can’t do nothin’ with your stupid sorrys, so I burn your clothes,” she sings in the chorus.

Raiche’s new music video “Burn Your Clothes.”

This past January, Raiche made the list of Billboard’s 15 Hip Hop and R&B Artists to Watch in 2021:

“Raiche is another gifted member of the aptly titled Island Prolific roster, co-founded by songwriter-producer Prince Charlez (Rihanna, Beyoncé, Usher). Gaining favorable notice in 2018 for her smoky, robust vocals on ‘Money Pies,’ Raiche upped the soulful quotient in 2019 with ‘Complicated,’ followed by her EP Drive, issued via GDE/Island Prolific/Atlantic. The title track was featured in Netflix’s ‘Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker.’ Raiche’s hard work and promise are paying off: The singer-songwriter currently ranks at No. 8 on the Adult R&B airplay chart with relationship slow-burner ‘Pick a Side,’ from her upcoming debut album.”

The Eagle recently caught up with the singer via email to talk about her new single and what’s next for her singing career:

Q: Tell us about your new single.

A: My new single is called “Burn Your Clothes.” It’s about being done with your significant other. It’s more theoretically talking about burning your clothes than realistically. … Burning the bridge, burning it all because I’m completely done with you. That’s the energy.

Q: Do you have plans for a music video for this single?

A: Yes, the music video released with the song. It’s a take on the ’50s housewife who breaks out of the normal housewife duties and burns [the partner’s] food, clothes and house down. It’s a fun video. One of my favorites.

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Q: How has this last year been for you?

A: This pandemic and the past year … a lot has happened in the world, of course, and also in my life. I’ve signed a publishing deal and moved to Atlanta where I record and write. It’s all been thankfully positive for me. I’ve been blessed to be in the position I’m in.

Q: You used to work at Cafe Lucia, have you heard they decided to close?

A: Yes, Cafe Lucia was like a second home. I’m deeply saddened by the situation. I love Nadine, and Jim was such a hard worker and determined in all his ways. I expressed to him many times of how I wanted to sing, and when I first started he would always check in and ask how things were going. May he rest in peace.

Q: What’s on your agenda for 2022?

A: Plans for 2022 include a second EP and a possible tour! I’m very excited for that.