Repeat your clothes like Pro!

It might be difficult to find new ways to repeat your favourite piece of clothes.

It might be difficult to find new ways to repeat your favourite piece of clothes. How are you meant to keep wearing something without anyone noticing? So let’s be honest, we can’t afford to wear them only once. We’ve put together a small guide to repeating your clothes like a real expert. With all of the effort and money we put into our wardrobes, everyone might benefit from a few pointers on how to make repeated clothes less noticeable.

Mix & match for the win!


When you constantly wear the same dress with the same jewelry and shoes, it becomes simpler for people to recall that you previously wore the same ensemble. You can easily create the illusion of a completely new look by mixing it up a bit, opting for different accessories, a different coloured bottom or top, and possibly even footwear which are the centre focus of your outfit

‘Layer’ for the new look

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Layering is an art that may help you make the most of the stuff in your closet and create unique styles. To make a dress into a skirt, layer a crop top over a basic tee or a funny sweater over a dress. Use a belt to tighten a dress at the waist for a whole new look, layer a sleeveless dress over a tee or blouse, or combine a tunic with shorts instead of leggings. You may create an infinite number of combinations that will allow you to wear your favourite pieces again and over again.

Just ‘DIY’

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to be very crafty; there are a plethora of simple DIY projects you may try. Fold in and pin the hem of a long skirt to make it look shorter, add a detachable collar to a blouse, or adorn an old tee with attractive pins, brooches, and even vibrant badges for a new fresh look.

Jacket to the rescue!

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Simply putting on a jacket can spark a new beginning into an old outfit. A well-cut blazer may make it look more polished, an embroidered jacket can dress it up for the night, and a hip bomber can give an old ensemble a new edge.

Play with Hair & Makeup

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If you’re going to wear the same clothing again, go out for a completely new appearance. Instead of having open hair and neutral lips, try a topknot, a fishtail braid, or a high ponytail with dark lips. Even if you’re wearing something for the eighth time, it will completely transform your appearance!

Distract with Accessories

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Throwing on some accessories is the simplest method to divert attention away from a duplicate outfit. A chunky necklace, a colourful stack of bangles, an oversized handbag, bright danglers can bring an interestingly new twist to an old outfit.