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-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Jamie Brundage, president of Fort Dodge Noon Sertoma, poses in

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson

Jamie Brundage, president of Fort Dodge Noon Sertoma, poses in a canned food aisle at Fareway in Fort Dodge on Wednesday. Noon Sertoma and other local service clubs will be teaming up later this month in a shopping spree competition to benefit food pantries in the area.

Local service club members will soon be rushing through the aisles of a grocery store to fill their carts with non-perishable food items. The items will later be donated to food pantries in the area.

The fundraising effort will take place later this month at Fareway when the store is closed to the public. It is part of a new initiative to bring local service clubs together, according to Linda Cline, president of the Fort Dodge Noon Kiwanis Club.

“Kiwanis International had a new initiative to have all service clubs work together,” Cline said. “This new initiative is one way to motivate all the clubs to work on a project that will have a measurable impact on communities around the word.”

So at a recent meeting, Cline shared the idea with her club. Since that time, Kiwanis has worked with Noon Sertoma, Noon Rotary, Daybreak Rotary and Noon Lions to make the idea reality. The Evening Lions have also been invited to participate.

During the shopping spree, two members from each club will try to fill their cart with items totaling $500. Each team will have seven minutes to try and do that. Whichever team is closest to $500 will win a traveling trophy.

“You can’t have a pen, a list, or a calculator, or a phone,” Cline said. “You just have to go shopping. It will be a challenge to know what to look for in seven minutes.”

But in this competition, everyone will be a winner. Each food pantry chosen by the clubs will be guaranteed a minimum of $500 worth of groceries or the club will make up the shortfall in cash.

“Say you only got $400, then that service group will make sure that organization gets $500,” Cline said. “That organization will still get $500 worth of groceries.”

Jamie Brundage, president of Noon Sertoma, is enthusiastic about the fundraiser.

“Our group was contacted by Linda Cline back at the end of September,” Brundage said. “I presented this idea to my club and they thought it was a great idea to contribute to our local food pantries, especially this time of year.”

Cline is hopeful the event will be a success and can continue on an annual basis.

“We know there is a need to have events like this, especially around the holiday times there is a need to help those with food insecurities,” Cline said. “We thought this would be a way to unite and have fun with it, too.”

Shopping spree details

Here are the rules for the shopping spree:

• Shopping spree will be seven minutes in length. Whistle or horn will blow to begin and end spree.

• Each team will have two contestants.

• Only contestants can push and load cart and remove items from shelves.

• Food pantry representatives may accompany contestants only to provide advice.

• Each team will have one representative to replace full carts with empty carts.

• No use of phones or paper/pencil for calculating.

• No use of pre-made lists.

• Only non-perishable food products are allowed.

• Canned fruits and vegetables are allowed, as are products containing corn, soy or wheat.

• Produce, frozen or refrigerated foods, meats, eggs and dairy products are not eligible.

• Coffee and vegetable oils are allowed. Toothpaste, deodorant, etc. are also allowed.

Here are the local food pantries that will receive donations:

Noon Kiwanis — Fort Dodge Community School District

Noon Lions — Lord’s Cupboard

Noon Sertoma — Upper Des Moines Opportunity

Noon Rotary — Proteus,

Daybreak Rotary — Lotus Community Project

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