The 11 best designer dupes of 2021 and where to buy them

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The devil may wear Prada, but the rest of us may need something a bit more affordable.

Designer items are coveted for a reason, as their high quality and limited quantities drive us to want them — especially when celebrities and magazines show just how luxe they look. However, lately over on TikTok and other social media platforms, shoppers have found a way to achieve high fashion looks without breaking the bank.

Designer dupes can be found all over — if you know how to look. There are sites dedicated to the made-in-China exact replicas like DHGate and AliExpress to name a few, but the legalities of getting carbon copies of designer items are not always worth the risk.

Don’t be too defeated, as there are still plenty of places to get legal and high-quality designer dupes, such as the beloved Amazon and accessible sites like Walmart, ASOS and more.

Read on for the most desired designer dupes from the Gucci loafers and Golden Goose sneakers to jewelry like the beaded Martha Calvo necklace and Cartier rings. Note: this article will be updated as we discover more dupes, so be sure to bookmark and check back often.

Two pairs of black loafers with gold buckle
Left: Farfetch Right: Steve Madden

Don’t loaf around dragging your feet on this designer purchase when you could have a dupe of the Gucci shoes for a fraction of the price.

If you want the Gucci brand loafers, we did find them at Farfetch for $1,100, ranging in size from a 35 to a 42 with select sizes still in stock. For the more affordable pair, head over to Steve Madden for a $99 pair that are almost identical.

If none of these are quite right, we also have a dedicated dupes roundup for the chunky loafer trend, so check that out after scooping up the rest of the designer lookalikes on this page.

Two black lug sole boots
Left: Bottega Veneta Right: ASOS

No need to lug out to the outlet mall for a great deal on designer items when you could get a dupe boot.

The stunning Bottega Veneta tall Chelsea lug boots are an investment, and if you’re up for it, they are still sold on their site for $1,150 and come in six different colors including black, dark green, pale brown, white and more.

However, should you want to save some cash for the rest of the items on this list, check out the ASOS style, which is on sale for $101 and still made of 100{df277fece0e332513078d4db57f50d7f29a9f255adc120b3235ad73f23ad2e97} real leather. These boots only come in black, and range in size from a seven to a 13.

Two white Golden Goose sneakers with distressed scuff marks and a silver star on the side
Left: Nordstrom, Right: Goodnight Macaroon

Get Golden Goose lookalikes without spending actual gold on them.

Unless you want to, that is. In that case, the sneakers can be found at Nordstrom in a variety of colors and patterns, all pre-beat up as per the trend. The white and silver pair we found goes for $605, stars and scuffs included.

For the more frugal among us, we found a site called Goodnight Macaroon that has a sweet deal on the shoes. They cost $94 and also have six styles to choose from including a silver pair as seen above, gold and even animal print.

Two pairs of blue mesh heels facing each other
Left: Bottega Veneta Right: Shein

If there is a loophole when it comes to designer fashions, you can bet we’ll find it.

These mesh heels from Bottega Veneta are pretty iconic, with holes covering the square two and back and a strappy tie at the top. The designer shoes come in four colors including green, teal blue, black and white, each priced at $930.

The discounted dupes we found are sold at Shein, coming in an electric blue color that isn’t far off from the teal or bright green of the Bottega’s. They also have the same mesh and square toe, but only cost $28.

a silver Cartier ring with diamonds on the left and two dupes in gold and silver on the right
Left: 1stDibs Right: Amazon

If you’ve fallen in love with designer dupes so far, here are some more.

The iconic Cartier Love Ring can be found on a few sites, including 1stDibs where we found this diamond-covered silver ring for $3,637. You can shop around on the site for more Cartier options to buy or bid on, each of which comes from a vetted seller.

But, if you want the look and could care less about real gemstones, head to Amazon for one of the best buy-one-get-one deals. Get two Cartier-inspired rings in gold, silver and/or rose gold combinations for $12.99 total. They are gold-plated and have cubic zirconia stones, but still sparkle like the real deal.

Two pearl necklaces with a silver Saturn charm
Left: Vivian Westwood, Right: Amazon

Shoot for the stars, or Saturn in this case, but pay the price of an average Earthling.

The Vivian Westwood choker blew up on TikTok as the must-have accessory of the summer and comes in both silver and gold on her site. The chain is made of faux pearls and an imitation Rhodium setting, but the sparkles come from real Swarovski crystals, retailing for $195.

To save a few pennies, Amazon is the next best thing, selling an almost identical dupe for $12.60 in the silver color or $13.60 for the gold color.

Two matching beaded and pearl necklaces with charms
Left: Revolve Right: Amazon

If you have a TikTok or know any Gen Z folks, then you’ve seen this necklace.

The original one is from designer Martha Calvo and it’s called the Happy Go Lucky. While this style is no longer on her site, we did find it at Revolve for $143, which is a bit less than it used to be should you want to take advantage of the current price.

If you still think that it’s a bit too pricey, Amazon has your back once again. The dupe is almost exact, down to the smiley face bead placement and gold chain draping. The difference is in the price, as this version is only $16.99, as are the four other patterns on the site.

Two matching silver link bracelets
Left: David Yurman Right: Amazon

Let’s link up and we’ll share another dupe with you.

David Yurman has some stunning pieces, including the beloved chain-link silver bracelet, with alternating plain and striped links. This one is made of real sterling silver and costs $395 in the medium size.

For a budget item, Amazon carries a super similar bracelet, down to the alternating link detail. This bracelet is made of cable wire and colored plating, but because of this it only costs $18.99.

Two brown and white Hermes blankets with the letter H on them
Left: 1stDibs Right: Overstock

Design your home with designer items, but remember to stay on budget.

Or not, should you want the real Hermés blanket. We found the brown version at 1stDibs for $3,445 to buy right now, as well as the same blanket but in black should that match your home better. To make it more worth the price, it should be noted that it is made of 90{df277fece0e332513078d4db57f50d7f29a9f255adc120b3235ad73f23ad2e97} Merino wool and 10{df277fece0e332513078d4db57f50d7f29a9f255adc120b3235ad73f23ad2e97} cashmere.

If you happen to love the letter H and don’t mind that it is a dupe, Overstock has just the thing. Their version of the blanket is almost identical, coming in the same brown, pumpkin orange, black and gray for $174. This blanket is also going to be soft, as it’s also made of 90{df277fece0e332513078d4db57f50d7f29a9f255adc120b3235ad73f23ad2e97} merino wool and 10{df277fece0e332513078d4db57f50d7f29a9f255adc120b3235ad73f23ad2e97} cashmere… interesting!

A side by side image of two women in white fluffy robes and loungewear
Left: Skims Right: Amazon

Flip through your wallet and skim some cash off the top to splurge or save on this three-piece set.

If you chose to splurge, Skims is worth it. The super-soft items from Kim Kardashian are sold a la carte, or you can make a bundle of a top and pants and then add the robe to your cart. The tank top is priced at $52, the pants are $88 and the long robe is $128.

If you want all three items but can’t justify the price, Amazon has a package deal for only $49 that includes the tank, pants and a robe. It comes in a variety of colors, too, but we love the fluffy white cloud color the best.

two matching brown slouchy clutch purses
Left: Neiman Marcus, Right: Amazon

Do you want to get this bag or tighten the purse strings a bit?

If you want to ball out and get the bag, the Bottega Veneta Pouch is a great option. It’s made of super-soft calf leather and comes in an array of colors. Found at Neiman Marcus, each of the 15 shades costs $2,790.

If you clutched your wallet when you saw that price, maybe Amazon is a better idea. The bag is just $15.99 but is made of artificial leather, which also may be better for vegans as well as thrifty shoppers. It comes in a matching brown color as well as five other neutrals like black, creme and olive green.