The Secret Fashion Items T&C Editors Shop for on Amazon

When it comes to looking stylish and put together, of course you need stand out

When it comes to looking stylish and put together, of course you need stand out pieces. But part of the equation also remains the accessories and behind the scenes items that help you keep yourself tidy, groomed, and well-dressed—everything from how you organize and store your pieces, to the socks and stockings your layer with, and even the steamers and tools you use to keep your investment pieces pristine, matters. And when it comes to that variety of essentials, more often than not you’ll find that you can snap up the very best affordable style secrets on Amazon. These 11 items are editor-tested-and-relied-upon—so you know they will simplify your life.


Sofie’s Womens Fleece Lined Tights

“I can’t claim to have come up with this hack—I saw it on TikTok—but it changed the game for me. Nude fleece-lined tights make sheer tights wearable and warm during the winter, all while not making me look lumpy. Once you know, you can never go back.”—Roxanne Adamiyatt, Senior Digital Editor 


STORi Stackable Clear Plastic Headband and Hairbrush Holder

“One of my trademarks is hair accessories aka I own too many. I recently was shopping around for the best way to store all my hair clips, headbands, and bows when I came across this on Amazon. It perfectly holds everything in one easily accessible place and the low profile and acrylic material keep it hidden in plain sight in my room.”—Cassandra Hogan, Fashion Assistant


MOOCA Linen 2 Tier Wooden Jewelry Display

“This bracelet holder was my saving grace when I started to collect vintage jewelry. The gray linen fabric blends in with my decor, and it’s discretely large, meaning even I have space for new treasures.”—Sarah Adams, Freelance Fashion Assistant


Shoe Organizer Shoe Storage

“As a self proclaimed shoe collector and proud NYC apartment dweller, space tends to be a fun game of “Tetris.” This innovative shoe organizer has become so rewarding as it preserves my prize collections and my humble abode. A fabulous two for one!”—Share Koech, Freelance Fashion Assistant


CK Women’s Matte Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

“Sheer black tights are a staple in my wardrobe throughout fall and winter. They look great, but their only downfall is they can snag easily. For that reason, I’ll usually buy several pairs at a time so I can always have some ready to go.”—MaryKate Boylan, Senior Fashion Editor 


Pure Enrichment PureSteam Pro Upright Clothes Steamer

“The easiest way to look put together is with wrinkle-free clothes. One of my best wardrobe investments has been a standing steamer – easier and quicker than an iron. I just keep this upright in the corner of my room so it is ready to tackle any crease at any time.”—Dania Ortiz, Fashion & Accessories Director


Veja Men’s Esplar Logo Sneakers

“White sneakers are the easiest thing to slip on to make an outfit feel crisp. I live in my Vejas, which are sustainably made in Brazil and a favorite of Kate Middleton’s, so you know they are good through and through.”—Olivia Hosken, Style & Interiors Writer


TYLER Glamorous Wash in Diva

“It sounds silly, but this scented detergent is a must in my laundry routine. Just a capful of it tossed in with my regular detergent leaves my clothes smelling gloriously, absurdly, decadently gorgeous for weeks. If that’s not luxury, I don’t know what is.”—Lauren Hubbard, Contributor 


6 Pairs Mens No Show Socks

“Socks, contrary to popular opinion, should be seen for the most part only by the wearer—and not heard by others. These discreet no-shows are my go-to during these transition months before winter.” — Erik Maza, Style Features Director


The Laundress Sweater Comb

“A pet peeve of mine is linty and pilly sweaters. I swear by the Laundress for most of my clothing care necessities, but the sweater comb in particular keeps my prized knitwear looking brand new and presentable, no matter how many years I’ve owned the piece.”—Roxanne Adamiyatt, Senior Digital Editor 


Hanes X Karla Women’s The Crop Tee

“When it comes to the simple and classic white tee, there’s none cut better than Hanes X Karla. I’ve sworn by these tees for years and scoop up a new one biannually because I wear them so often.”—Roxanne Adamiyatt, Senior Digital Editor

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