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How do boutique firms differ from other firms?

Assume the following: Leadership that is accessible

Are you familiar with the CEO of your current PR firm? If you work with a boutique firm that is exceptional, you will. Smaller companies provide a more personal connection, including with the executive team. Campaigns are pitched to you by the same team that executes them. It’s common for larger firms to “bait and switch” clients – you may not know who will work on your campaign until it starts. Compared to a larger firm, a smaller firm will be present and accessible in a way that a larger firm cannot match. Find out what a boutique firm can offer.

The second. Flexible and adaptable

In general, the larger the company, the slower it can adapt. In a campaign with more people involved, if something changes, there will be more minds to make up, which can be detrimental if a new idea arises. A smaller company allows you to deal directly with the people in charge, and they can turn around a new idea quickly. The smaller firms will also be able to quickly develop the skills and knowledge needed to execute new initiatives, whereas larger firms may have trouble doing so. Additionally, smaller companies are less risk-averse, which means you’re more likely to get an unexpected, surprising, and most importantly, cool campaign.

The third. A cost-effective solution

When starting a new company or scaling up for the first time, budgeting for a PR firm can be a major barrier to entry. For large companies, the initial retainer can be $10,000-$20,000 a month (and up), and if you add more services, such as social media, you will pay more. There are many great reasons to choose a big firm, but if you don’t need a large PR firm behind you, why pay more? A boutique firm’s retainer will likely be less than half of the cost of a large firm, and you’ll receive full attention from a familiar team.


Choosing the right fit

Understanding the differences between a boutique PR firm and a larger PR firm makes choosing the right firm much easier. In the end, what matters most is your alignment with the firm you hire and how they go about their work. A boutique PR firm may be your best choice if you need personal attention, a faster turnaround, and a reasonable budget. Are you still unsure? Let’s talk.