West Chester designer Deborah Ann Mack Fashions creating fashion to support a good cause

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Fall is ushering in some cooler weather, and if you

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Fall is ushering in some cooler weather, and if you are looking for a wardrobe refresh, there’s a designer in West Chester offering fabulous fashion that also supports a good cause.

Deborah Ann Mack spent decades working in criminal justice, but she’s now pursuing her passion for fashion by building her brand Deborah Ann Mack, otherwise known as DAM Fashions.

Mack says she is currently working on the fall 2022 collection, which includes many different styles of coats, among other pieces.

“It’s a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and it really is for women who are on the go, who are professional,” she explained.

When Mack was in her 50s, she decided to go back to school to learn more about fashion.

“The craftsmanship is so important to me,” she said.

And now, her attention to detail sets her designs apart. She often uses unique buttons on her pieces. One coat has buttons with bees on it.

She says her designs are one-of-a-kind. Customers may purchase the same coat, but the details will be different.

“I do all of the design work,” said Mack. “It’s like doing a blueprint.”

She starts with a sketch, which then gets sent over to the manufacturer.

“And we go over what the design should look like. Then we go and do the sample,” she said.

From coats to dresses and blazers, she offers a variety of clothing on her website. Mack describes her designs as being “nontraditional.”

“They’re really organic,” she said.

There is a deeper meaning behind her outside-the-box designs. She says when women are selecting pieces of clothing, it should “just show who they are.”

“It’s comfortable when you put it on,” she said.

And helping people feel comfortable is something Mack says is close to her heart.

“When I worked in the juvenile court system, my job was to mediate the cases that came from the Department of Children and Family,” said Mack.

Her fashion brand, Deborah Ann Mack, supports her nonprofit called House of Ann. She says the name is fitting, because Ann is her middle name and means grace and mercy.

A certain percentage of Mack’s sales goes over to build the nonprofit organization. Currently, it is an online resource to help those dealing with domestic violence. In the future, Mack says she would like to have a physical location where women and their children can go for support.

“I want women to know when they make a purchase, it’s a silent support of women who are in need. It’s like a sisterhood,” she said.

She labels each piece as a reminder.

“You’re supporting women and their children who are trying to get out of a bad situation,” says Mack.

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