Baking Impossible is the tasty Netflix series which has caused utter excitement across social media. But some are confused about why the bakers wear the same clothes.

Think The Great British Bake Off and Sugar Rush multiplied by millions, and you get Baking Impossible. Basically, the duos involve engineers and bakers.

This means exactly what it says on the tin: they quite literally engineer and create the most incredible bakes and sweet treats.

If we put the baking aside for a moment, there’s one thing that viewers can’t help but keep noticing – why do the contestants wear the same clothes?

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Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix



Baking Impossible Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix





Viewers question the same clothes

Since Baking Impossible hit Netflix, fans have not stopped talking about the contestants’ clothing, and how it looks like they never change.

Looking through Twitter, it has caused quite the stir…

One fan wrote: “Watching #SquidGame where contestants are trapped in a cycle of no sleep, same clothes, and forced to compete in challenges…

“now watching #BakingImpossible where contestants are trapped in a cycle of no sleep, same clothes, and forced to compete in challenges…”

Another confused viewer said: “Watching baking impossible and they’re doing their third challenge in a row. They have 11 hours to do everything one challenge. It doesn’t add up??

“Unless the producers are making them wear the same clothes every day which just feels unnecessary??? I’m confused #BakingImpossible.”

Baking Impossible outfits: Explained

The Baking Impossible contestants wear the same clothes for editing purposes, so that it is easier to place clips together on the show.

Judge Andrew Smyth actually addressed the clothing questions, and said that the bakers do change their clothes.

Brandi, a contestant, also said that they had to have three of each clothing item, including three sweaters and three black pants.

She continued: “Think of our clothing as a uniform (…). It may appear we never left during some episodes (…).”

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Is the Netflix show filmed in a day?

No, Baking Impossible took around four days to film.

Brandi explained that some of the episodes are broken up, which may be why it appears they never change their clothes across the entire season.

As the contestants are given around 9 to 13 hours to complete a mission, this left some viewers completely frazzled with the concept.

But really, each challenge has to take place on a new day, despite the editing making it appear as though the bakers go straight into the next task.



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Why do Baking Impossible contestants wear the same clothes?