Zoning commission advances request to split mall property

The owner of the Capital Mall is looking to split the property into multiple plots

The owner of the Capital Mall is looking to split the property into multiple plots of land.

The Jefferson City Planning and Zoning Commission approved the request Thursday night to take the plat — or plot of land — along West Truman Boulevard and divide it into three plats.

Paul Sampson, with Central Missouri Professional Services, represented the Capital Mall at the meeting.

He said the change will align with each building residing on its own property.

The lot in question includes the current Pizza Hut building and the Starbucks under construction.

The proposal, which would need City Council approval, would put the two on separate plots. It would also create a third plot, behind the two buildings, which is currently not developed.

“That helps them to keep property taxes and all those things separate. And sometime down the road, if there’s a buyer for any of those properties, then they’re all set up and can be sold,” Sampson said.

One hiccup with the plan is the city requires properties to have street access and the third plot wouldn’t have that. The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a variance, or exemption, to that rule for the property.

Sampson said everything within the mall is run under the same master development agreement.

The main reason for the street access rule is to make sure people can access the property.

Since the mall was all developed under the same plan, Sampson said, all properties use the same parking lots.

“In this case, because of that cross parking agreement that basically makes up for the access to all the parcels,” Sampson said.

Last year, the Capital Mall went through the same process for the building that used to hold Sears but is now home to Citi Trends. While still part of Capital Mall, it sits on its own piece of property.

In previous years, Capital Mall did the same thing for the plots where Wendy’s, Sweet Smoke BBQ and JC Penney are.

Road names

The Planning and Zoning Commission also approved names for two road the Jefferson City School District constructed last year near Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Lawson Elementary.

These are private roads the school district maintains.

One, which stretches from Edgewood Drive to the middle school’s parking lot — just off Fairground Road — would be named Patriot Drive.

The other, which comes off that one toward the Lawson Elementary parking lot, would be named Lion Way.

The names need City Council approval.

Sampson, who also attended the meeting to represent JC Schools, said the names will help with organization.

“The school district is asking that names be assigned to these driveways, primarily for the school district’s own way finding — direction giving for parents and patrons and also for emergency direction giving,” he said.

The school district will put up blue street signs — which note that they’re private roads — at each intersection.